Bucket List

This is mostly so I can just keep track of things I would love to do before I die, but it’s also fun for random people to see what I would like to do with my life. (This was inspired by Anna Lawler at https://dancingwithmangos.wordpress.com/)

– hang-gliding

– spelunking

leave the US (Canada, summer 2015)

– visit Ireland

– see Hobbiton in New Zealand

– backpack in New Zealand

– go on a safari in Africa

see Niagara Falls (summer 2015)

– road-trip across the US

– visit international friends in their home countries

– ride in a hot air balloon

– hug a wild animal

– get married

pet a chipmunk (Colorado, summer 2014)

baptize a friend (May 2016)

– get a big-kid job

– learn how to hula hoop

see a mountain sunrise (Colorado, summer 2013)

see a mountain sunset (Colorado, summer 2013)

– drink hot chocolate by a fireplace while cuddling with a dog

pay rent to feel like a real adult (fall 2014)

see glaciers in Alaska (summer 2012)

go on a cruise (Alaska, summer 2012)

– go scuba diving

visit a lighthouse (summer 2015)

go white water rafting (October 2015)

zip-lining (October 2020)

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